Taken Sight of the Significance of an Industry Leader OTC – FLKI

FLKI has long been an industry leader in the concept and development of product conceptions that today fill the shelves of countless stores globally – and the cycle doesn’t seem to end with FLKI product conceptions winning the European Innovation Award and its highly successful recent introduction of the “Brilliance” line of paint reflectors. Much of this has been covered by the press and releases – Google FLKI.

Growing sales at the rate of 28% + each quarter is a feat to accomplish at the best of times, launching a series of 5 products with industry projections of $ 12 million in sales ($4 million in operating revenues) in this climate is an amazement. Yet both are those of FLKI in a market which is worthy of analysis if only to underline the dramatic difference in management and performance of this small innovative company swimming about in an ocean of competition owned by huge international conglomerates who seemingly have lost touch with their frail and at times failing albeit very small (proportionately) affiliates. What resource and time indeed could a Clorox, 3M, Honeywell and such giants have for these ailing subsidiaries ?

Hence the persistent rumors that FLKI and the Clean Plus® Product Group the best known perveyor of its product conceptions will prove the target of an acqisition.

The sudden success took better than ten years to develop. Management persisted in its belief that it would not emphasize or promote sales until it had its house in order ie conceptions, development, production, logistics, procurement, price stability… Ah boring stuff. However today that emphasis which has kept the company in the back end unnoticed for years suddenly has come to project its leadership position to the forefront. Conception – time and again FLKI conceptions are award winning. Production – it is currently in position to deliver from one to three hundred pallets of any product reference within a day. Logistics – at 96.7% perfect fill and time it is the industry leader. Procurement, its World Trading affiliate hedged up to three years ahead, delivers raw materials at 30% below the cost incurred by the competitors of its production partners leading to retail price differences on average of 25 to 40% and up to 150%. Price stability – its distribution network has experienced unprecedented price stability with the last increase in 2001 !

And this in a period where the industry has been challenged by an unprecedented crisis. Take just one of the markets where FLKI product conception Clean Plus® has an unambiguous leadership position : France.

Through September 30, 2009 the automobile accessory business at 7.6 billion euros (nearly 12 billion dollars) is down 38.1% in comparison to 2008. The industry had already registered poor results for 2008 with an 11.7% drop in sales.

In the first quarter alone, sales dropped 42.6% in comparison to 2008. Exports were down 38% even sales of used parts and vehicles were down 1.39 billion euro or 30.6%.

Compare FLKI product conception – up on sales to that industry alone 21.3% !

“We believe that signs of a French come-back are clearly outlined in the performance of distributors of our product concepts” says Manuel Garcia, communications officer. While slow and guarded we expect distributors to close the year in that market with an increase of 25%, 20% at the worse.

The industry in France – is clearly in overcapacity and burdenned with an excess of personnel. “To our regret a significant portion of our increase in results in France and elsewhere flows from encroachments on our competitors market shares. We would prefer to grow the market, but stand apparently unique and alone with our lean management practices” added Garcia. ” We would prefer to grow the market as a whole” concluded Garcia.

Contrary to forecast established by FLKI, the industry believes the future uncertain. The prevailing aids established for the industry in most European nations fail to favor new car development but to FLKI’s advantage will enhance the pool of used vehicles – consumers of its product concepts. French industry analyst are guarded in their optimism and more than careful in any opinion relating to the French industrial base.

Contrarian and true to its historical base, FLKI believes and projects substantial increases for the distribution of its product concepts.

Reviewing performance in its activity sector FLKI seems justified in its optimism.

Why Bulgaria? – Nothing New About This “Normal” OTC – FLKI

With a market capitalization of under $ 30 million, a global success disproportionate to its size and product concepts sitting on the shelves of retailers and in the shops of professionals and assembly plants of factories almost every where, the company keeps the momentum going and that, without skipping a beat.

Following the announcement of a recently signed $ 6 million agreement for distribution in Egypt, the company is now underway to establish a landing platform for distribution of its conceptions in Bulgaria: why?

Manuel Garcia, communications officer responding to puzzled looks at the Press Conference said: “Modern Bulgaria is a vibrant growing nation that like FLKI is looking to the future”.

The country is also seeped in a rich cultural heritage. Since the fall of the USSR, Bulgaria has been undergoing dramatic economic changes, shifting to a free market economy, privatization, and has benefited from significant international investment. Bulgaria, a member of the European Union since 2007, has an industrialized open free market with a large advanced private sector and strategically state-owned enterprises. The recent global financial crisis has proven no crisis at all with the impact on Bulgaria far less than that suffered by its sister EU states. Unemployment is low and the country has a stable rate of economic growth. It’s expected that Bulgaria will join the Euro-zone as early as this year. Bulgaria’s economic climate is poised for further growth and investment.

More importantly, Eastern Europe and the ex-soviet states where its product conceptions are widely distributed put the area high on the priority agenda for FLKI. Bulgaria has long been an important stabilizing factor in Eastern Europe’s economic and political climate. At a crossroad, between major FLKI markets, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, Bulgaria holds a strategic geographic location. Bulgaria strategic geographical location between the Black Sea and bordered by Turkey, Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, and Romania holds a significant role for trade of FLKI product concepts in the region.

Bulgaria has a long history of foreign rule, and rich cultural fusion which has formed a cultural tapestry that can be seen in Bulgaria’s culture, language and religion. Its rich history has left a significant historical legacy, spectacular architecture and beautiful cultural works.

Modern day Bulgaria keeps alive its ancient traditions while embracing the future as it grows into a modern state. The country has a well-developed energy sector which places it in a significant role throughout the Balkans where FLKI professional and industrial products are widely respected.

Bulgarians are enjoying an increased prosperity and the higher level of disposable income has created a high demand for high performance convenience oriented products such as those conceived by FLKI.

The Clean Plus Product Group who will establish the landing platform has a growing relationship with Bulgarian consumers and is confident that its strategy for Eastern European markets will continue to prosper. The Product Group has a significant presence and continues to cut major inroads into Eastern Europe as it concludes numerous distribution arrangements in Turkey, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Moldova, Russia and Poland.

Bulgaria is the logical next step to complete coverage of the Baltic area. These are no fools rushing in.

Falken Industries Ltd OTC: FLKI is a diversified industrial conglomerate that operates in Chemicals, Wet Wipe and Biodegradable Technology. Falken Industries Ltd is the concept behind more than 160 products distributed through a network of global platforms and the recipient of trade awards for innovations, biodegradability and environmental and health quality standards.

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If you still need to more advice for your car repair, you can get repair advice from mechanics and experienced persons in the automobile industry. Repair advice is given for almost all models and types of vehicles, whether domestic or imported.

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Will They Ever Learn? Chat Rooms – Running With the Herd, Chasing and Paying Dearly For Rainbows!

There are two regular presences found on the chat rooms; they are dominated by the “living room day traders” whose chances for a loss are stacked against them with the odds playing 1080/1, and they are sprinkled with chat room investors. The first bunch think the stock market is nuts and that its primary purpose is to give each and every one an opportunity to buy and sell quickly and often such, seemingly, as to ensure to a maximum; the American dream the constitutional right to lose one’s money – albeit the losers will say, but the sweet and bitter adrenaline rush of talking big and talking day trade is well worth the pecuniary losses.

Meandering through the ever changing recommendations – stocks are usually promoted artificially on a mere say so, and this is particularly notable on the day trade chat rooms – one can see the pattern and it’s never good. The stress and dialogue is never on the company but on volume, chart, cryptic press releases and micro engineered pop ups to sucker the gullible all of which for the small companies being “discussed” are and can be easily manipulated. It’s exciting and that’s the point for the 1080 losers to every one winner: it’s great to be the one though!

Try an intelligent communication or posting some fundamentally and verifiable useful reason to buy a stock and the promoters (the 1 in the 1080 present on the chat rooms) download an arsenal of diatribe, even going to having the innocent soul “banned” from the site for suggesting some reading before letting loose on one’s dollars. Chat rooms are a sucker’s game designed to attract the unknowing gluttons for punishment who rather than Google a company to see what the press or news releases say, rather than Email the company and get some veridical information, will rush to buy on an unknown promoter’s – often moderator’s – say so. The feeling of owning hundreds of thousands, even millions of shares (of a stock selling for a fraction of a penny) simply is worth the loss.

The second batch believes the economy is doomed and so the overwhelming consensus triggers a reflex reaction since the end is near; let’s make a killing, what the hell. The selection process is simple, any one of the fraction of a penny stocks promoted to the herd grazing in the chat rooms. Drunk with greed, driven by the high, the participants mask the depression and dejection driving their internal mechanisms; they buy for the sake of buying, knowing that the promoter will soon drop the bottom out. Look at SPGN for one of thousands of examples I have documented all of which were heavily promoted on the chat rooms.

Personally, a swing trader right of Attila the Hun, I like stocks that sit in sideway trades slowly building their fundamental business rather than their volume and charts. The first will ensure the other and the market is full of small (market capitalization of $25 million or less) companies that meet exacting rules to justify investment. Let’s take one as a mere example of hundreds – Falken Industries traded on the OTC under symbol FLKI.

As a general rule I stay away from companies
(i) whose market capitalization is less than $ 10 million,
(ii) whose press releases are not backed up by articles and general industry press,
(iii) who are not rated “Current Information” on the Pink sheets, where most of these companies can be found together with Toyota and many other behemoths of international business,
(iv) that do not provide swing trade opportunities, not less than one and not more than three annually.

I like to see discussion about real deals at press conferences, not prospective deals. I like press releases that follow press conferences. I like to see products not pretty web sites neatly conceived by IR or promotion outfits. In fact the rule I usually find to apply in small cap situations is that success is generally inversely related to the size and complexity of the company’s corporate web page. I buy their products on their web store, touch them, feel them, use them and pepper their shareholder, info, or communications department with questions about products, products, and more products, a small company with less than 50 product conceptions and global distribution will not earn a right to my dollars. A small company that takes more than 48 hours to answer my Email will get no further attention either. FLKI passes all of these tests – and strangely enough, though it generated a juicy 1900% return for its investors in the last 52 weeks, it also generated 890%, 390% and 40% on three swing trades during 2009.

I am an analyst for the Automobile After-market industry. Consequently I admit to more familiarity (and a likely penchant) with companies such as FLKI who have a dominant global business in the industry. But the importance of the criteria is paramount and must be found, notably in a Pink Sheet stock, and this, whatever the industry you favor.

Of course one could simplify the advice for present chat room will be victims; as Keynes said, “the central principle of investment is to go contrary to the general opinion.” Good companies not unlike FLKI are of no interest to the dominant promoters which monitor the activity on chat rooms and spin their stock on volume and charts. You can be certain that when the chat room crowd sounds off on where a stock is going, that sudden burst is the center of the herd as it thunders toward a cliff.

Manic speculator is too kind a word for the 1080 / 1. They are a credulous kind easily parted from their money. Volatility, volume, charts and madness are the order of the day. Chat room moderators, all too often promoters pushing their wares sit around salivating – banning from their sites any participant polluting the environment with logical and edifying information: there should be no sunshine cast upon the goings on of their chat room.

Some will argue that the 1080/1 should have to pay for their sins of greed and leverage. I have to concede that this is tempting at least for the knowing, but chat rooms would have nothing to exploit if they were populated by anyone other than those noteworthy for their distinct credulity.

After every crisis one can find predictions abound that the crisis will be followed by a rebound and then a long period of sideway trading. I don’t buy it. Sure this is backed by past performance, but if the past was a a real component of the future, I and all other industry analyst would be rich.

Prudently I consider alternatives. As a contrarian I run from obsessions – much like those regularly found on chat rooms.

As for now my best gem in the rough, fundamentally sound, globally present and with more than 160 product conceptions out and an equal number in the pipeline, trading sideways for a time, rising bit by bit, I sound off on FLKI. Of course I know that because as you guessed it I touched it, felt it, smelled it, and confirmed it all before I put the whole dollar it took to buy 5 shares at the current 20 cent price.

Falken Industries Ltd OTC: FLKI is a diversified industrial conglomerate that operates in Chemicals, Wet Wipe and Biodegradable Technology. Falken Industries Ltd is the concept behind more than 160 products distributed through a network of global platforms and the recipient of trade awards for innovations, biodegradability and environmental and health quality standards.

FLKI Positioned to Capitalize on a Multi-Billion Dollar Market OTC

As an analyst for the Automobile After-Market Industry I had the pleasure of covering the world’s largest or second largest professional trade event depending on whom you ask. The Paris International Trade Show Equip’Auto which was held between October 12-18 of this year – and which proved a confirmation of what I have lived and believed since 1997 when I started covering FLKI.

The show’s highlight was the brilliantly executed launch by The Clean Plus Product Group of FLKI’s latest product conception “Brilliance”. The launch was an overwhelming success – and the flurry amongst the professional press was unmistakable: a winner for an industry that has been chomping at the bit to get some proof that it will rise above its comatose state.

More than 800 persons registered for the different “Brilliance” presentations of the conception. The product as expected met the prerequisites of the European Innovation Award, but the unmistakable truth was that attendance of the Product Group’s stand where the FLKI product conceptions were on display exceeded the attendance of all other stands present at the show. No bells or whistles yet they came – many from far away places in the Orient, Asia, Africa, South America and New Zealand to name just a few!

Manuel Garcia, Communications Officer opened the press conference with a reminder of what untold multiple awards and successes have long established for this company: “FLKI focuses on providing research and conceptions leading to the development of innovative products that perform at worse equal to and more often better than any targeted competing product and which will retail at 25 to 40% less than products it expects to replace.”

In many cases, FLKI product conceptions simply have no competition.

FLKI product conceptions are currently distributed throughout the world in large retail chains, supermarket chains and large regional multinational retailers. It’s “Premium” conceptions are present in specialty shops, auto centers, and thousands of gas stations. Currently FLKI is focusing substantial resources and attention in the fastest growing markets notably the BRIC.

FLKI has a barn full of successful product conceptions to its credit and a couple hundred in the pipeline. It’s most ambitious project of late is the “Brilliance” professional product conception which targets a market largely held by two major fortune 500 companies and worth an estimated $ 170 million. FLKI’s projects with the acknowledgment of my colleagues of the cloth that the 5 “Brilliance” products in and of themselves, will generate better than $ 12 million in distribution revenues and in excess of $ 4 million in operating profits in 2010.

Overall the market for currently available FLKI product conceptions is worth over $18 billion dollars and FLKI’s recent change in strategic focus (see its press releases) puts it squarely in position to tap into a monstrous revenue steam.

It doesn’t take much to see that this company’s ability to focus its research and product development is well placed. Sales of its product conceptions are increasing on average 28% per quarter for this year and this amid recession and economic crisis. That communicates a simple but pointed message. An increasing amount of people are becoming performance and price conscious (even in the professional area where performance held a tight priority whatever the price) and are switching from overpriced larger established brands – which plays right into the hands of FLKI product conceptions.

Asked about the US retail markets, Garcia ever so guarded as one in the midst of rumors would have it, indicated that while talks and a tactical plan is well advanced, that the US strategy will likely be pursued by an acquisition or Strategic Alliance. Garcia reminded the audience that “America has been the golden land for small entrepreneurs which are the foundation end-users of FLKI product conceptions. However the US currently has one of the smallest small-business sectors among developed nations, and its self employment rate is lower than that in all countries except Luxembourg.”

A quick investigation revealed that Garcia was ever so on point. The US self employment rate is 7.2%, that’s five times lower than in Greece and Italy which have the highest self-employment rates. Only 11% of US manufacturing businesses are small firms, the third lowest rate among developed nations. In research and development only 25% are small firms, the third lowest rate among developed nations. All of a sudden I perused recent press releases by FLKI and noted the one announcing a significant shift in strategic planning announcing FLKI’s decision to pursue acquisitions for its North American development. In sum FLKI has the strategy correct. Continue to expand its unequaled strengths overseas, and strike alliances or acquisitions for the United States.

Quite obviously it helps to have a business denominated in the Euro rather than the dollar – acquisitions will be 40% less expensive, and shareholders get an extra kicker when they purchase shares, hedging the dollar picking up a 40% bonus in the process.

Technically speaking FLKI’s common stock, after rising 896% to over 50 cents earlier this year, has hit bottom with a bang trading sideways for the last two or three weeks and holding at between 19 and 20 cents on declining volume, testimony of the exhaustion of profit taking rushes. That bottom has been confirmed and one can feel the breakout – next stop in the 50 cent area, but no real resistance until 73 cents.

Government Is Deadly Serious About Changing the Way We Use Our Roads

Is it “damn”, or “bloody”? Bloody football, now that’s better since I’m talking about soccer – it’s everywhere. I’m not really a fan, though I must say that I really enjoyed the French debacle in South Africa as a guest and treat of the Automobile After-Market-Industry for which I am an analyst. By everywhere, I mean that it’s even in politics; and transport is one of the heftiest political footballs there is. It gets booted here and there and everywhere dribbled about by the Federal Government, and tackled – if we are lucky – by one state after the other, but rarely planted into the back of the net. You can ponder this tenuous analogy the next time you’re in a traffic jam. Tomorrow most likely.

Oddly enough, there was scarcely any traffic congestion the day I drove to Trenton (New Jersey) to interview the powers that be at the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), targeting and why not, Commissioner James S. Simpson if he were personally available. I found odd the wide availability of parking meters in the area, and the fact that they were much cheaper than those in the more touristy areas of the city. Conspiracy? It’s tempting to think so.

The executives charged with assisting Simpson at NJDOT I found a more straightforward proposition. No politician actually wants to be Commissioner of Transport, which is why nothing ever really gets done. This conclusion has bore true in all of the several such interviews I have conducted stateside and globally in the last year – my time and interest driven by an industry panic on budgetary concerns at these times and by the massive impact that failing roads and facilities have had and will continue to have on the vehicular industry.

The upshot is this: the current Federal Government is deadly serious about changing the way we use our road network, some of the proposals are a little short of seismic and potentially very painful for the industry and the motorist which constitutes its economic life blood. Conclusion? It’s up to the industry to do something about it – wake up and smell the coffee one might say.

To some and nearly all the larger members of the industry, motorist should be an exclusive group and yield the power of a Jewish lobby in the US. But the class is disorganized, and most of the giants in the industry cater only to the 8% of the market consisting of the automobile enthusiast and collectors. I say most, because not all. As I was in Trenton, I took the opportunity to contact a small company, yet a global industry player and managed to secure an interview with its communications officer. “We’ve gone this road before in many countries. This government like those most everywhere, protests that our industry’s interventions are suggesting that motorist should be viewed and treated as some kind of exclusive group as they try to defend their anti-car, anti-driver stance, but we are quick to point out that 85 percent of the people in this country are motorist” said the officer feeling duty bound to make the record straight on the issue. “Our products are sold primarily not to the enthusiast or collector, but to convenience oriented persons 57% of which are women. This is a large voter group which should give us and the industry overall a major say in what goes on” he concluded.

What’s my answer? I walked back to my 4 year old Elise -based GT coupe, threw my bags under the hatch, roared the turbocharged 2.0 liter engine and set off determined to test the greater refinement and extra punch of this grand Lotus “tourer” – while I still can.

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Focusing on Global Strategy

If adversity is the best teacher, the Great Recession should have been a prime learning opportunity for companies worldwide. It certainly was for many companies in the Automotive After-Market industry, small and large, traditional and trend setting.

This is particularly challenging for small companies who garner as much as 90% of their royalty and license income from abroad, these company’s face challenges that were compounded by a strong Euro that cut deep into profits coming and going. Coming because sales into dollar based economies were impossible due to high prices, and going because now that the dollar has firmed up substantially, their currency losses for GAAP reporting are substantial – so substantial in fact that they wiped out singularly the entire second quarter profits of some of the best run companies. For some these represent mere paper losses of course where most of the purchases for raw material and research are European based – but still not designed to favor motivation among wall street traders that have unjustly clobbered the industry and its publicly traded members.

“We learned valuable lessons and gained a healthy sense of crisis” said the communications officer of one such company located in New Jersey.

As one would expect, the tactical practice orchestrated by the survivors requires a mindset totally different than that practiced in the industry previously. Management and the entire global distribution network of these companies had to realize that business as usual was not an option. Changing an industry’s ingrained distribution culture was not easy, yet some companies were able to accelerate a program of structural reform. “We consolidated overlapping functions and shortened supervisory processes” one executive explained. “Now we’re leaner, more reactive and able to provide stronger support for members of our distribution networks.”

The revamp also extended to the manufacturing units of these companies. Traditionally the industry had routed different research and productions in separate, dedicated plants and facilities. To improve efficiencies the trend is now to create multipurpose production units to manufacture chemicals and impregnated accessories such as wipes. Workers switch between different roles in the assembly process. The new composite system delivers such significant productivity gains and cost savings that industry executives involved are now keen to roll out the process globally. “The financial crisis taught us that we can’t control our environment. What we can do is have a culture that adapts to circumstances” an executive told me. The lesson to be drawn: Ultimately it’s the adaptable who survive.

To ensure that these companies grows and prospers over the next decade,some companies have devised a plan for the next stage of globalization. The multipronged strategy involves building up the product lines, expanding the reach, and moving even more aggressively into the emerging markets of China and other Asian countries, and not to be forgotten, diversifying into new lines of business, notably disinfection and medical care.

If the rapid success of companies with pipelined products is anything to go by, That part of the industry looks to be well on its way to meeting enviable targets. Aggressive product conceptions are shaking up the market. Products renowned for their convenience, portability and usability have attracted large new audiences; notably women where the purchase rate has tripled, and the middle aged, two groups generally ignored by the traditional industry players.

In medical and disinfection products companies are announcing goals which are equally clear. They wants to grow this rigid business by around 70% in the next five years. Social and economic trends are aligning to support this bold vision. Eager to expand, but aware that developing the business almost from scratch would require a huge investment, industry players are taking the bold step of going on the acquisition trail targeting small to medium sized companies in Chemicals, wipes, and related productions.

Of course the relative economic robustness of developing countries vis-à-vis the developed world is another major post-recession paradigm shift that no company can afford to ignore. Those companies with no debt and an effective distribution network, will experience growing market demands for their product conceptions.

Expanding into new business areas is as important as expanding into new countries. Thus, the industry leadership which is more so represented in the small to medium size corporate players, devotes a significant proportion of the roughly, on average, 10% of revenues they commits to research and development every year to move into promising new business areas.

But just as important to a company’s success is its policy on corporate social responsibility. Whether aligning itself with the UN’s Global Compact for sustainability and responsible business practices, or creating green products in environmentally responsible ways, all initiatives should be inspired by the “Social IN” philosophy. This helps people worldwide lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, and maintains that the value of a company that does right by its shareholders and society at large will inevitably rise.

Autocar India – The Leading Automotive News Magazine in the Country

Autocar is clearly the established world leader when it comes to automotive news media. With a history of over 100 years, it easily bears the legacy of the world’s oldest automobile magazine. Autocar was first introduced in 1895, as a weekly British automobile magazine published by Haymarket Motoring Publications Ltd. Today, along with the UK, there are other editions including India, China and South Africa.

Launched in September 1999, Autocar India is the country’s leading authority for motorbike and car owners; always seeking to be a forerunner. The magazine is known for pioneering road testing in India, and is the last word on new cars and bikes because of its authentic road test verdicts. It was also the first magazine to explore the Tata Nano, and showcase its interiors. Other magazines are envious of its reputation for exemplary editorial content, as well as high production standards with the magazine receiving accolades from both the industry and consumers alike.

The Autocar India editorial team ranks among the most experienced editorial teams in India, producing daily news and reviews on the latest cars and motorbikes. Hormazd Sorabjee is the Editor, with an experience of over 25 years in writing about cars; from a 65-ton battle tank to a Formula 1 car, he has driven it all. Shapur Kotwal is Deputy Editor and a part of each of the magazine’s extensive road testing activities. He also supervises test instrumentation, data acquisition and has commanded the most experience as a road tester in India. Akbar Merchant leads the staff writers, who cover all the latest scoops, launches, developments, and breaking news in the Indian automotive industry.

Autocar India’s monthly content includes exclusive news, features, and fascinating automobile stories. The magazine was the first to pioneer the concept of advertorials in India. Incidentally, it contains the largest and liveliest classified services section among any other monthly automobile magazine.

Autocar India promises to- “Get you the perfect fix of heady automobiles and dish out thorough reviews of the latest cars and bikes on Indian streets.” The world of cars is exciting to so many of us and Autocar brings alive its piquant stories and engaging features; making it the must-read magazine for everyone interested in cars.

Autocar India has always remained true to its heritage with its exhaustive and authoritative road tests. The best in the business, they have grown from being just a car magazine to becoming the expert on any car brand. The magazine boasts of a readership of more than twice the readership available for the closest rival, making it, by far, India’s best-selling car magazine. But more than the numbers, it is the content that makes it India’s best car magazine.

Autocar is known for being the only magazine to provide content towards leading dailies like The Telegraph, The Hindu, The Hindustan Times and more. Editor Hormazd Sorabjee also hosts the popular show on UTVi on cars and bikes.

According to a report, the Indian vehicle manufacturing industry has increased its growth by 13% over 10 years now, and contributes 6% to India’s GDP. Autocar India had joined hands with Bloomberg TV to present the awards praising the role of the automotive industry for increasing the growth rate of the Indian economy. Awards include: Renault Duster for “Car of the Year (Jury’s Choice)”, “Viewer’s Choice Car of the Year”, and “SUV of the Year”. Mahindra and Mahindra won the ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ award. “Bajaj KTM 200 Duke” won “Bike of the Year (Jury’s Choice)” and “Viewer’s Choice Bike of the Year” awards.

With India being the third largest internet user in the world, there is little doubt that at least a quarter of them will be hooked onto digital reading, which gives them access to an Autocar India digital subscription. Going by the population of the world and the number of internet users, there is no doubt that digital magazines are the future. Also with the access to mobiles and tablets that can be used as readers, the development of apps for publishing and reading has taken the market by storm; to announce that the future is here! Publishers that have made the switch have already realized the benefits and profits.

Autocar being the oldest automobile magazine has also been the first to switch to the digital version of the magazine. With an Autocar e-magazine you can do much more than you would with a paper magazine. As the magazine is always in the cloud, you can access it at any point in time from practically anywhere; get interactive content on the go and within the app too. Consumers who are unable to carry their favorite magazines around during travel can switch to the digital format of the magazine with ease.

All Industry Indicia Point This Way OTC – FLKI

Business is tough, I see it everywhere in the market place, but the more I meander within the industry the more I return, at great risk of more badgering from my critic, to the fundamentals – strong research and development, leadership in product conceptions, broad distribution including platforms in proximity of markets, a focus to the future notably beyond the next quarter, and concern for shareholders – deep concern – the kind that builds value, real value overtime to the frustration of short term traders.

Yet, short term traders have little to complain about. Earlier this year FLKI shot up 896% to enrich traders all the way down to a 390% increase. The share has bottom at the.19 cent area and is trading sideways – technical highlights however show a breakout to.194, then recently to.197. Every body I talk to agrees, this thing is going straight to the mid.50 cents, then to.73 cents for its first resistance level, and through that all the way to $ 1,18 its second resistance point.

All indicia point to Falken Industries, OTC: FLKI. If only its management’s business were that of short term traders, it could lavish wealth all over on a house of cards. Instead, since 1997, it has concerned itself with good solid fundamentals and building its credibility in the industry. I like that.

Its product conceptions are repeated winners of industry recognition and awards and industry gurus know that the company is hoarding at least a couple hundred innovative products in the barn – millions of dollars in sales and net revenues. “These are hard assets” said Manuel Garcia communications officer. “Millions in raw value which build more value as we evolve each product into its own time: look at our timing and success with the “Brilliance” products launched recently. We had that group in development for at least three years. We sat on them until the timing was perfect. Today we expect over 20 million in sales and better than 8 million in revenue” for the purveyors of our conceptions added Garcia.

“Brilliance” is a line of paint refraction products which was initially designed to the target market share held by two major Fortune 500 companies. A market worth $168 million. FLKI had originally projected 12 million in sales with 4 million in revenues.

However, with a product which is demonstrably better performing, and considerably less expensive, the professional industry sought and found more in FLKI’s other professional product concepts. Sales of the “Pro” line have exploded and are projected to increase exponentially. “Brilliance” in effect boot strapped the entire line to the forefront of body shop, detailing, car wash, and restoration businesses. It’s better performance and more attractive pricing (up to 46%) did the rest. The strategy was brilliant!

The company has a remarkable sense for timing. I have been following the company since 1997, and it has no qualm about sacrificing immediate sales and earnings while it plans its brilliantly executed launches.

In this ever changing marketplace where hygiene for example is one of the most important factors we face, FLKI product conceptions provide a clear cutting edge advantage. The products are different, notably its wipes are stronger and meet all Food Contact Clearance and latest EU regulations. EU standards are infinitely tougher than US standards so that FLKI products can easily and presently be commercialized in the US and in North America in general. Yet, the company continues to keep to its outlined strategy for the North American Market – strategy that has been often discussed in articles and press releases owing to its known ability to implant and sell into some of the world’s largest retailers in North America.

FLKI wipes of all kinds are uncontested world leaders. Sold and best known under the Clean Plus® Product Group, wipes are available for hand care, surface care and disinfection, degreasing, and essentially all applications. This is unique in the industry where a wipe product will rather tend to be offered as an after-thought, a loss leader or as a pacifier for a demanding client.

FLKI wipes are particularly known for their ability to ensure optimal cleanliness as well as safety – plus great absorption capacity, efficient dirt pick-up, strength, and safety across a wide gamut of demand.

The company recently sponsored and ran a colloquy for the industry and industry press. More than 200 attended the event with a good 25% competitors. The event was at the recent International Trade Show in Paris. No contest FLKI the leadership model – strangely enough, or perhaps simply telling, many of the competitors and press indicated they were “substantial shareholders” in FLKI. I guess that’s one way to hedge your bet in a meaningful and intelligent way.

Should we all? At.19 – 21 cents even an analyst can afford 5000 shares!

Women Leadership in the Marketing Machine OTC – FLKI

As actress, singer, director and producer Jada Pinkett Smith once said “We still have a ways to go for more doors to open for women on every front. But it’s looking up.” Witness a 26 year old (in 1997) Norwegian entrepreneur and her extraordinary success in that ever so macho world of automobile aftercare. Her brain child, the Clean Plus® branded products, and her company Falken Industries Ltd of Trenton New Jersey, are global operators distributing product conceptions through more than 380 distribution plateforms worldwide.

Car care products directed to women? And why not? While and notably in 1997 such a statement would hardly suit the then conventional wisdom a quick look at these product conceptions and you can wonder why they do not yet figure quite prominently in product-placement opportunities in your local movie sequel. Well quite aside from the fact that they are as likely to do so as girls evolving from Manolos to Louboutin stilettos, or Apple Computers substituted by the sleeek Hewlett Packard machines that look a bit like fashion accessories themselves these products designed and vested with style and performance are certain to make women’s hearts beat faster provide speed, ease, and a marvelous shine.

Did you know that women own more than 50% of all registered automobiles? Did you know that women are 80% of the component of a decision to buy a car? Yet world wide there is but one company, that starting in 1997 has created a line taking women as a primary target.

FLKI and the Clean Plus® product group are not the only companies eying the women’s market and wondering if it might hold a secret to success in a rough economic climate. FLKI is simply the first to identify it and to secure for itself a well implanted leadership position. Even before the economic crisis, FLKI realized that women’s financial power in both rich and poor countries was increasing, but the downturn gave women an extra leg up. Men lost more jobs, whereas women started more companies. Meanwhile the pay gap continued to decrease. Assuming the trend continues women will make more than average man by 2024 with developing and major emerging market nations following closely behind.

What’s amazing is that FLKI’s collosal competitors were unable to cotton onto this, leaving this enormous market to the Clean Plus® group and its distribution channels. Simply the general concensus of the established companies, ie Turtle Wax, Armor All, 3M, Meguiars, Auto Glym, Sonax etc ignored and seemingly continue to ignore that women make the majority of purchasing decisions in automotive selections, but for these giants of industry, they remain an afterthought when it comes to product development and marketing. “A lot of the people making these decisions at these top companies are still older men” says Manuel Garcia communications Officer for FLKI.

“Women are much more likely to pay a premium for their favorite products, typically those that greater aesthetic and emotional appeal” said Helle Madso, president of FLKI and creator of the Clean Plus® conceptions. it’s no accident that Clean Plus® is the most favored brand across all product categories for women.

They make things that work and which are beautiful is a comment oft heard by this writer in various interviews. The products have better finishes, more sensually appealing components and higher-quality.

The industry remains blind to FLKI’s success in product conceptions, its traded stock (symbol FLKI) is nowhere near reflecting its potential, and the sound of women stating that the industry has failed to meet their needs has no listeners save in the halls of Trenton or Oslo Norway where the product group is headquartered.

The Clean Plus® product group crafts strategies geared toward women’s life cycle and its web site is far more accessible than that of its competitors. It’s a smart move given that women are going to control the majority of the world’s new earned income over the next decade, and they’ll be spending it on a lot more than $ 800 gold heels.

Falken Industries Ltd OTC: FLKI is a diversified industrial conglomerate that operates in Chemicals, Wet Wipe and Biodegradable Technology. Falken Industries Ltd is the concept behind more than 160 products distributed through a network of global platforms and the recipient of trade awards for innovations, biodegradability and environmental and health quality standards.